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Saturday 26th May 2012 -The Daily Galaxy – By Astro Joey

Rosetta Stella, Planet Girlo’s Media mogul, announced today that she has linked in with to create a new music magazine,  Astro Joey and The Cosmic Rays Music

I’m delighted to expand circulation of the band’s news through” she said from her Galaxic Headquarters. It will assist in expanding circulation into regional and remote Galaxies, which is important to the band, for the girls do not want isolated communities to be left out of the fun”

Rosetta Stella: Planet Girlon Media Mogul

Ms Rosetta Stella’s Blue Galaxy Network is still to be rolled out to the far outer regions of the universes. Although there are varied cultures and languages across the universe and galaxies, Ms Stella believes that the music publication can break down such barriers, as she considers that “music alone is a universal langauge” A philosophy that is held strong by the band as well.

The current access to the Blue Galaxy network is restricted in the outer regions for some planets, such as near Pluto. Spokeswoman for Pluto, Little Pluto, said that she was “over her four moons about the news, as it has been a difficult time for Pluto since being demoted as a Planet”.

Little Pluto, delighted about the new Music Magazine

“Although Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays can be found throughout the earthly web via facebook, twitter,  reverbNation, Myspace, Google plus, I-broadcast tv, You Tube and Vimeo, our reception can go skewiff” sometimes “The,  Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays Music will just be fabulous“.she said

Rosetta Stella and her Media Company are a keen player in the world of convergence media and delivering it to isolated communities as well as  main stream communities. The company is currently encouraging partners for the new “Astro Joey & The Cosmic Rays adventure TV/web series. Interested parties can contact at

Look out for the launch notice here where you can get a copy of Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays Music Magazine here on this site. For a sneak peek visit

Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays on the earthly web:






Annie Sunray to rock at Stella’s Stone Rock Garden Party

Tuesday,13th March, 2012 – The Daily Galaxy – 

by Marzipan – Entertainment & Music Writer

Named one of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” by Rolling Galaxy magazine, Annie Sunray shot to fame after the infamous solar storms of Galaxy, which moved her closer to the Northern Lights, inspiring her last album “Pounding Atoms”

Influenced by earthling Annie Lenox and the beat box of the 80’s Annie Sunray has created her own style and genre of galaxy rock quartz sound. A sound promoted on Media Mogul, Ms Rosetta Stella’s TV Network. Rosetta, launched Annie’s career beyond Jupiter and Annie has been busy ever since.

Annie Sunray

“Ms Stella was most enthusiastic in discovering me” said Annie ” I was personally contacted by her and invited to come home to Girlon to perform at her Stone Rock Party.” “How could I say no to Rosetta?” she said smiling.  I am looking forward to performing”

Annie stated that “Stella’s Stone Rock Garden is pretty unique and the natural acoustics of the garden is magical” The inside gossip is that we may even see a live recording completed of her performance at the Stone Rock Party.

Stay tuned for further updates on this special concert.