Chapter 9 – The twist of the North Wind


Chapter 9 – The Twist of the North Wind


Chapter 9 – The Twist of The North Wind

north wind blowingWith a big huff and a puff the North wind blew onto the Santa Grouches and they transformed into Happy Little Santa Helpers “Wow” said the Santa Grough, ” I think I’m in Kansas”. “No Santa Grough, said little green Santa Helper “You are in Santa land and you have been thawed from your Santa Grough state into a Happy Santa helper. “Wow, it feels fantastic!! I feel so much love and joy” he said happy santa grouches

“Do you know where Santa’s magic box is” asked Astro Joey to the transformed Santa Grough.

” Well a matter of fact I do.” he said “Come this way through to  the clearing and look beyond the valley of snow, see down there the big red ribbon. Yes said Astro Joey, well that is it, that’s Santa’s magic box”

Yippie We found it” said little red Santa helper” astro joey redbox to get the keyPenny Penguin jumped on to the back of Rennie the Reindeer and all the crew followed Rennie and her bright red nose, down the valley to Santa’s Red magic box. Astro Joey Climbed up into the magic box and grabbed the key to Santa’s workshop


Chapter – 8 The Santa Grouches

Chapter 8 – The Santa Grouches

Look Look” said little Red Santa Helper with glee. “ I think I can see the clearing. Astro Joey, look, do you see a sparkle ahead?” she asked Astro Joey “Yes. little red, I do see something shinning at the end of the Christmas tree path” “Come on girls, I think it is Santas crystal light that guides us to the Magic Santa box” said the snowmen. Little green and little red Santa helpers started to run toward the sparkle ahead. They were so excited to think that they may be closer to finding Santas Magic Box. However in their excitement, they forgot that they had to move slowly all the way through the Christmas forest so as not to disturb the Santa Grouches in the tree.

Santa Grouches are full of trickery be careful” said Penny Penguin to the Santa helpers, but they were too far ahead to hear Penny Penguin. “Oh no said” Rennie the Reindeer, “The tracker application is going off so much that it is making my nose itch. Stop girls stop!!” she yelled. It was too late. Suddenly the shinning light turned yellow and gave off a big blast, “Boom!! Boom Boom” they heard.

They all looked up and there before their eyes was a great big Santa Grouch.



“Why do you come this way” said the Santa Grouch in a deep grough voice. “We have come to find Santas magic box so we can deliver all the Christmas toys to the children tonight” said Santa’s Little helpers “No you wont” said Santa Grouch. “I am not allowed to enjoy Christmas so neither will you or any of the children” “Well why don’t you come with us Santa Grouch” said Rennie “We can fill you with love and sprinkle you with Santa’s Christmas dust, so you too can enjoy the gift of Christmas” said Astro Joey.

“We grouches wish to be left alone! That is what we wish! We don’t make ourselves  merry at Christmas and we cannot afford to make idle people merry” said Santa Grouch “Attack Grouches Attack” yelled the Santa grouch. With that command, the Santa Grouches came from out of the trees and down the Ice caps, jumping on Astro Joey and the crew.


The battle continued, the snow fell heavier and the North winds became a huge gale, sweeping  and tumbling Astro Joey and the girls to safety. The Santa Grouches had been blown onto the snow mogle and above them was the breath of the Big North Winds, that had change the naughty children into Santa Grouches. Astro Joey looked up to the North wind ” North wind, if you changed the naughty children into Santa grouches surely you can changed them into happy Santa Helpers” “Why would I do that” said the North wind. “Because Santa has broken his arm and leg and we will need all the help we can get to make and deliver all the Christmas toys to the children tonight” replied Astro Joey “I am sure the naughty children have learnt their lesson from being made into Santa Grouches for so long. Please North wind. Please” said Astro Joey ” we need all the help we can get.”


Chapter 7 – Oh Christmas Tree

As Astro Joey and the crew walked through the Christmas forest, they could smell the fresh crisp pine needles in the cold clean air. They sang “Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree” and threw snowballs up into the air.  “This sure is a pretty place” said the green Santa helper. “Indeed it is” said Penguin “Don’t be fooled by the pretty Christmas lights, remember the Santa Grouches often hide in the trees and hang like lightsTHE CHRISTMAS FOREST“Things are not always as they seem hey Penguin?” said Astro Joey “Yes Astro Joey, on the outside it all looks colourful, friendly and inviting, yet looming in the trees are little yellow Santa Grouches, full of secrets and grudges” said Penguin. “Santa said they will stop at nothing to defeat the Christmas spirit” said Rennie the reindeer. “I am getting a reading on my Tracker application I think they may be near”

Come on gang” said Snow Man, “keep walking I can see a clearing up ahead, perhaps it is the ice mountain?”




Chapter 6 – Penny Penguin shows the way

Astro Joey and her crew arrive at the lake. They lay out the mistletoe onto the lake and on the count of three, jump onto the misletoe. “Wee” said little green santa helper. “This misletoe moves fast hey?” They all hold tightly onto their leaves and whizz and slide across the frozen lake. When they land on the other side, they are greeted by Penny Penguin. “Hi girls, Ms Mistletoe updated her FB status and said that you may be on your way” “Well actually we are looking for Santa’s magic box so we can help Santa to make the toys and deliver them to all the children” said Astro Joey. “Yeah Santa’s leg is broken and if we do not get to the magic box in time, the toys will not be delivered” said the snowman. “Can you help us find the magic box Penny?” 

Sure” said Penny Penguin. “We need to walk through the Christmas tree forest to get to the top of the ice mountain” Once we reach the top of the mountain we will be able to see across the ice valley.” “Fantastic” said little red Santa helper “are we nearly there?” “I’m not sure” said Penny Penguin.” You see we must call out to the white winds in the valley, to ask them where to go next” “Ok, well we are closer than we were yesterday” said Astro Joey “so let’s go“.


Astro Joey, I must warn you” said Penny Penguin “The Santa Grouches often disguise themselves as Christmas lights on the trees in the forest. If you go too fast, you may disturb them and they will come out from the Christmas trees” “No problems” said Rennie the Reindeer. “I will down load the tracker app and turn up the lights on my red nose to show us the way”

Ok” said Penny Penguin, “but remember the Santa Grouches know how to hack and troll. Come on, I’ll jump on your back Rennie and we can lead the team together.”



Chapter 5 – The Mistletoe Bird

Looking Looking everywhere for Santas magical box. Up high, down low, sideways and upside down, but no clues presented themself to Astro Joey and her crew.  “I’m cold” said little red Sanata helper. “We’ll never find Santa’s key and the children will not get their toys”. “Now now” said Astro Joeystay positive and use your imagination. Be open to everything around you and you never know what we will find.” Rennie the reindeer added “don’t forget that my red nose oh so bright has also got a GPS in it from Santa, When I get a signal, you can shout out with glee. Ok ?” “Ok “said little red Santa helper.


“Biddie Bink Biddie Bink” went Rennie the Reindeers noise. “Girls, I’m getting a signal, there is something up ahead” They all shouted with glee and then stopped to listen. They could hear the sound  of something being dragged through the snow. “Wilsh wilsh wilsh” followed by  singing “I saw mummy kissing Santa Clause, underneath the Misletoe last night” With great speed Rennie the reindeers nose was rocking “Biddie Bink, Biddie Bink, Biddie Bink, Biddie Bink” Then right before her eyes she saw two big orange feet connecting to a funny looking birdYo Yo Yo, so whadda we have here” said the bird. “Hi there, I’m Astro Joey and these are Santas little helpers” said Astro Joey. “Who are you?” “Me, well I am Ms Miseltoe,” said the bird “what brings you little lovelies out to the white plains of the North Pole?” said Ms Mistletoe “Santa has a broken leg and we must find Santa’s magic box ,so we can make the toys and deliver them to the children all over the world” said Green Santa helper. “But we do not know where to go, can you help us?


“Mmmmm” said Ms Misletoe. “Firstly you need to be careful of the Santa grouches, they are mean little things.” “That’s what Santa told us too” said Astro Joey.Well you know what, if you go down the track, up the dale, over the hill and past the blanca tree, you will come to a lake. You must go across the lake, but I am not sure from there.” said Ms Misltletoe. “Ms Milsteltoe, that’s ok for me to get across the lake, because I am a snowman, but how will the rest of the crew get across the lake?” Here take this misletoe and you lay it on the ground and skate across.” she said. “Thank you so much Ms Mistletoe, Come on crew we have no time to waste” said Astro Joey.

“Ok, girls, be careful now, and don’t forget to look out for the Santa Grouches” said Ms Mistletoe.


Chapter 4 Glacia Mountain

Chapter 4 – Glacia Mountain

 Astro Joey and Santa’s little helpers had been walking for 2 days  on the Glacia mountain. They were yet to see any signs of Santa’s magic treasure box. As they walked they sang “Jingle Bells” and Rennie reindeer stuck his nose out to lead the way. “This is a very cool mountain” said Santa’s little helpers” Indeed it is” said the snowman. “But don’t be fooled, we are entering Santa Grouch territory and we must be careful that they do not stop us”


“Why don’t they like Christmas?” asked Astro Joey to the snowman. “Many years ago, they had been naughty children. They tried to melt all the snow of Santaland and they were not kind to other children” said the snowman. “Oh dear” said Astro Joey, “wow, if they melt all the snow at Santa land it could cause the climate to change and everything would become very hot.” “Indeed” said the snowman “which is why Santa had  the great North pole blow cold winds onto the naughty children and changed them into Grouches. Now the grouches are very upset with Santa and do not like Christmas” said the snow man.



Chapter 3 – Santa needs some help

After traveling over the snow fields and contending with the chilling winds of the North Pole, Rennie the reindeer sites Santa’s workshop. Astro Joey and Santa’s little helpers run quickly to Santa’s house only to find Santa in bed with a broken leg and arm.

Oh no! What happened Santa?” said Astro Joey. Santa replied “I was practicing coming down the chimney in preparation for my deliveries to the children on Christmas day and I fell off the roof” “No problems” said Santa’s little helpers, “we will help you, we can help make the toys for you” “If only it was that easy” said Santa. “What I must do is give you the magic key to my special toy box. Inside the special toy box is my magic snow that will give you the Santa Power to make the toys and open the Santa letters from the children. It has a map and all the addresses of where the toys must go and to whom.”

santa leg in slingOk” said Astro Joey So where do we go to find the magic Toy box?” Well Astro Joey,” said Santa, “I have a problem. When I fell off the roof I hit my head and I cannot remember where the magic box is.  Here take this G3 map, it may help you”  “Cool Santa, with my bright red nose, I will be able to lead Astro Joey and your helpers to the magic box” said Rennie the reindeer. “Oh thank goodness” said Santa. “But Rennie you must be careful of the Santa Grouches on the way, they do not like Christmas and they will do anything to stop you.”

Come on crew” said Astro Joey “we have no time to lose Quick to the chimney


Chapter 2 – Arrival at the North Pole

Santa’s Little helpers and Astro Joey flew through the depth of the night. On their way to the north pole they passed by dancing comets and shootings stars, playing their favorite road trip song “I am a Star“. After a smooth landing, onto the white soft powder snow, they were greeted by Rennie the Reindeer who said ” Thank goodness you are here. Come quickly, It’s Santa….we don’t know what to do, I’ll explain when we arrive?

“Ok Ok, said Astro Joey” “It’s just one big mass of white snow” said Santa’s little helpers” “Which way do we go”  “Over here dudes, Over here, we’ll show you” said the snow men

So together they followed the snow men’s sign with Rennie in the lead to guide them to Santas workshop.



To all of Astro Joey’s dear  friends. It’s that time of year folks. Now in it’s third year we will bring you a FB chapter post presentation of the Annual “Astro Joey In Santa Land ” Enjoy your first Chapter. “Santa’s Call for Help”

You will be taken on a christmas journey with Astro Joey as she reveals her adventures in Santa Land. Also available in  ebookAstro Joey in Santa Land” Her ebook will be available to put under your Christmas tree. Happy Festive season everyone !!! 🙂

Chapter One – Santa’s call for help.

It was a fresh sparkling Cosmic night. Astro Joey had written her letter to Santa and was relaxing outside, looking up to the sparkling cosmic skies, contemplating  and feeling excited about Christmas. When suddenly she saw a bright comet shoot across the Milky WayWow, how cool” she thought at first, then she realised it was the magic Christmas comet, seen only on a special  occasion when Santa calls his little helpers to Santa Land.

Astro Joey quickly ran to her jet, grabbed her iPad and FaceBooked the special little Santa Helpers group. “Quick, Quick, gather your things, the Christmas Comet is in the night sky, we must leave immediately to the North Pole, I will collect you in my Blue Jet” she wrote.