Santa is on his way

Santa has just left Planet Girlo with Astro Joey. It was reported that Astro Joey was seen at Crater Lake packing up additional presents into the Sleigh to send out to the universe.

We advise that you make sure that all chimneys are clean and clear for Santa to come down. If you do not have a chimney, don’t worry, Astro Joey will clear the way on your roof.

Don’t forget to leave Santa and Rudolf his reindeer a snack and a drink to help him in his task to deliver all his presents.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season to all 🙂 🙂





Thursday 15th November 2011 – The Daily Galaxy – Literature and Education

By Plutina

PLUTINA Literature & Education Writer

A charming, illustrated rhyme book introducing young ones to the imagination and joys of pets. No matter how big or small, everybody the world over loves a pet. Written and illustrated by Jo Hogan

Everybody loves a pet has a touch of the classic Dr Suess. Charming little rhymes about imaginative creatures:) As you flip through this easy to read eBook, you cannot help but have a smile on your face.

The wonderful fun, bold colours of the illustrations draws your eye and brings the personality of these gorgeous Astro Joey pets to life. It’s simple, colourful, fun and engaging.



Everybody Loves A Pet ~ eBook On Sale Now through



Dr Seuss. A playful imagination

You’re wrong as the deuce

And you shouldn’t rejoice

If you’re calling him Seuss.

He pronounces it Soic

Dr Seuss’s mother, Henrietta Seuss Giesel, soothed her children to sleep by chanting rhymes from her youth.

This natural past time inspired her son Ted to carry on the tradition through his writings of the many wonderful children’s books that he wrote under the name of “Dr Seuss”

Theodore Seuss Giesel was born on March 2nd 1904 in Springfield Massachusetts and died on September 24th, 1991 in San Diego, California.

Dr Seuss wrote many books and on the basis of a dare, he wrote one of his milestone books A Cat in The Hat, which he based on a report that children were bored when reading and therefore not learning.

The director of Education at Houghton Mifflin had 348 words that he thought were important for children to understand. He set a task for Dr Seuss to write a book using  250 of these words and create a “cannot put down” book for children.

Utilising his illustration skills, Dr Seuss created drawings, and simple verse rhythms, that could be read by beginner readers. The Cat in The Hat sold 452,258 copies,


Tuesday, 6th December, 2011 – The Daily Galaxy – Music Review by Marzipan – Entertainment & Music Writer

Marzipan - Entertainment & Music writer

OK, dudes, Its all hip and happening in Marzipan Music land. I’ve been out and about all over the planets listening to some very cool tunes. Today I want to give a shout out to one of our favorite muso friends on Astro Joey TV  Mr Matt Roy.

“The truth is in the music” – Matt Roy

This young dude has it all happening, man. At just 15, Matt has been churning up the Rock classics, Country genres as well as penning down some great originals.

Inspired by the greats before him such as Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Zac Brown and Eddie Vedder, Matt has a sizzling 2hr set of tunes that just keep your toes tapping and grooving.

Already he has been hitting the boards at some of New York’s legendary venues such as BB Kings, The Blender Theatre, and the Highline Ballroom; along with performing shows with the rock legend, Leslie West.

December the 12th is Matt’s one year anniversary on You Tube. He has over 70,000 views and 4180 subscribers. In 2012 Matt starts the year with some acoustic performances at the Ridgewood School House Museum in NJ starting January 25th 7.00pm

I recommend that if you have not checked out Matt’s You Tube, that you jump on the tube right now. You can also find out more about where Matt is performing.
Astro Joey and I often go on Galaxy Road trips and we love to crank up Matt’s original song “When I close my eyes” along with his cool Zac Brown cover of “Free”

Matt Roy Inspires Music in Astro Joey